Color Purple [Widescreen]

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Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Alice Walker, The Color Purple spans the years 1909 to 1949, relating the life of Celie (Whoopi Goldberg), a Southern black woman virtually sold into a life of servitude to her brutal husband, sharecropper Albert (Danny Glover). Celie pours out her innermost thoughts in letter form to her sister Nettie (Akousa Busia), but Albert has been hiding the letters Nettie writes back, allowing Celie to assume that Nettie is dead. Finally, Celie finds a champion in the don't-take-no-guff Sofia (Oprah Winfrey), the wife of Glover's son from a previous marriage. Alas, Sofia is "humbled" when she is beaten into submission by angry whites. Later, Celie is able to forge a strong friendship with Albert's mistress Shug (Margaret Avery). Emboldened by this, Celie begins rifling through her husband's belongings and finds Nettie's letters. Able at last to stand up to her husband, Celie leaves him to search for a new life on her own. A major box-office hit, The Color Purple was nominated for eleven Oscars. The film was co-produced by Quincy Jones, who also wrote the score. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 -- Side A
0. Jump to a Scene
1. Credits. [3:20]
2. Winter 1909: Celie gives birth. [1:37]
3. Celie's prayers. [2:31]
4. Mr. comes for Nettie. [2:09]
5. Celie's new home. [3:35]
6. Spring 1909: Celie sees her baby. [3:14]
7. Nettie comes to stay. [3:54]
8. Spelling lesson. [2:45]
9. Albert makes his move; sisters parted. [5:19]
10. Summer 1916: Dressing Albert. [8:22]
11. Harpo and Sofia. "I will. I do." [4:05]
12. Domestic disputes. [2:31]
13. "You told Harpo to beat me!" Sofia's Departure. [3:50]
14. "You sure is ugly!" Shug Avery arrives. [3:19]
15. Albert cooks breakfast. [4:03]
16. Bathing Shug. [2:29]
17. Old Mr. visits; a cool drink. [3:55]
18. Summer 1922: Harpo's Jook Joint. [4:04]
19. Miss Celie's Blues. [2:52]
20. Sofia stops in. [4:09]
21. Shug and Celie: "He beat me for not being you." [6:37]
Side #2 -- Side B
0. Jump to a Scene
1. Shunned by the preacher [2:22]
2. Shug goes back to Memphis [2:40]
3. "What did you say to Miss Millie?" Sofia's tragedy [2:55]
4. Miss Millie's driving lesson; shopping [3:38]
5. Sofia goes home for Christmas [5:48]
6. Spring 1936: Shug visits [3:09]
7. A letter for Celie [5:57]
8. Albert's stash [3:11]
9. Reading Nettie's letters [5:40]
10. Fixin' to shave Mr. [3:56]
11. Dinner: Celie's curse on Albert [10:28]
12. Albert's decay; another visit from Pa [4:28]
13. Funeral; Celie comes home [4:47]
14. Maybe God is trying to tell you somethin' Albert's redemtion [6:07]
15. The family reunited [4:43]
16. End credits [5:02]