Wild Bunch [Widescreen]

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"If they move, kill 'em!" Beginning and ending with two of the bloodiest battles in screen history, Sam Peckinpah's classic revisionist Western ruthlessly takes apart the myths of the West. Released in the late '60s discord over Vietnam, in the wake of the controversial Bonnie and Clyde (1967) and the brutal "spaghetti westerns" of Sergio Leone, The Wild Bunch polarized critics and audiences over its ferocious bloodshed. One side hailed it as a classic appropriately pitched to the violence and nihilism of the times, while the other reviled it as depraved. After a failed payroll robbery, the outlaw Bunch, led by aging Pike Bishop (William Holden) and including Dutch (Ernest Borgnine), Angel (Jaime Sanchez), and Lyle and Tector Gorch (Warren Oates and Ben Johnson), heads for Mexico pursued by the gang of Pike's friend-turned-nemesis Deke Thornton (Robert Ryan). Ultimately caught between the corruption of railroad fat cat Harrigan (Albert Dekker) and federale general Mapache (Emilio Fernandez), and without a frontier for escape, the Bunch opts for a final Pyrrhic victory, striding purposefully to confront Mapache and avenge their friend Angel. ~ Lucia Bozzola, Rovi

Chapter List

0. Chapters
1. The Cavalry (Credits); "If they move, kill 'em" [6:15]
2. Temperance parade [3:35]
3. Blowin' this town to hell [4:19]
4. Blazing scorpions [:56]
5. Better 'n a hog-killin' [2:49]
6. The dear, dead departed [2:00]
7. Judas goat [2:24]
8. Across the border [:53]
9. Dreaming of washers [7:27]
10. "Being sure is my business." [3:13]
11. Learning from being wrong [2:18]
12. When you side with a man [5:09]
13. Turning back [1:07]
14. Sadness and celebration in Agua Verde [5:19]
15. Farewell to the bunch (La Golondrina) [2:05]
16. The general drives in [2:34]
17. Angel's woman no more [6:50]
18. Target: an arms shipment [4:02]
19. Rest and recreation [5:36]
20. Pike's lost love; "This time we do it right." [2:33]
21. Catching a train [5:15]
22. The Wild Bunch Express [4:33]
23. Backtrack [2:38]
24. Standoff at the border bridge [3:00]
25. Tip of the hat - and a bridge [1:03]
26. Bottom of the bottle [3:34]
27. Mapache under attack [3:17]
28. "We're after men." [1:35]
Side #2--
0. Chapters
1. Angel's friend [4:30]
2. Robbery-proof guns [5:02]
3. Trust between business partners [2:45]
4. Getting Sykes riled [:49]
5. Machine gun mayhem [2:24]
6. Angel betrayed [3:12]
7. Who you give your word to [4:37]
8. Dragged in the dust [3:57]
9. "Let's go." "Why not?" [4:07]
10. Walking toward a showdown [2:25]
11. "We want Angel." [1:42]
12. The shooting starts [1:11]
13. Commandeering the machine gun [1:18]
14. The Wild Bunch dies [2:10]
15. Taking stock of a slaughter [2:09]
16. Death echoes in the wind [2:03]
17. Some work to do [1:17]
18. A last glimpse; Cast list (La Golodrina) reprise [2:12]