All of Me

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On her deathbed, mean-spirited millionairess Lily Tomlin has her will amended so that her soul will pass into the body of young, healthy Victoria Tennant. Thanks to a mix-up in transmutation, Tomlin winds up instead trapped in the body of upright (and uptight) attorney Steve Martin. The plot involves the fragility of male-female relationships, the importance of making commitments, and the antics of goofy guru Richard Libertini. As ridiculous as it sounds, All of Me is completely credible, thanks to Steve Martin's remarkable "body language" when conveying the notion that he's two different people with two different sets of emotions and gestures. Though the circumstances of the plot won't allow Martin to connect with the lovely Tennant, in real life things were different: the two costars were married shortly after filming wrapped. Phil Alden Robinson and Henry Olek adapted the script from Ed Davis' novel -Me Too. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Credits [2:36]
2. Grave Post [3:47]
3. Naughty [4:11]
4. Respect [1:39]
5. Heart [5:31]
6. Harmonics [5:11]
7. Tunnel [3:58]
8. Coordination [3:10]
9. Indiscretion [4:36]
10. Welcome [2:32]
11. Mirror [3:05]
12. Memorial [3:08]
13. Special [4:37]
14. Friends [3:17]
15. Cranky [2:24]
16. Gifts [5:47]
17. Funeral [4:08]
18. Tingles [4:02]
19. Double-Cross [4:06]
20. Dream [5:05]
21. Flowers [4:27]
22. Deal [4:12]
23. Exchange [3:19]
24. End Credits [2:27]