National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation [Full Screen]

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Chevy Chase, star of National Lampoon's Vacation and its sequel, is back as the paterfamilias of the Griswold family (including Beverly D'Angelo as his missus) to skewer the Yuletide season. Chevy mugs, trips, falls, mashes his fingers and stubs his toes as he prepares to invite numerous dysfunctional relatives to his household to celebrate Christmas. Amidst the more outrageous sight gags (including the electrocution of a cat as the Christmas tree is lit) the film betrays a sentimental streak, with old wounds healing and long-estranged relatives reuniting in the Griswold living room. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation was still capable of attracting an audience five years after its release -- it was one of the top-rated seasonal TV specials of 1994, outrating even the first network telecast of It's a Wonderful Life. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Jump To a Scene
1. Credits (Christmas Vacation) [2:35]
2. Uneasy riders [4:21]
3. The Griswalds Christmas tree [3:49]
4. Family planning [1:50]
5. Well remembered [2:13]
6. Browsing [2:36]
7. In-law invasion [2:00]
8. Let there be light-almost [10:12]
9. Prisoner of the attic (That Spirit of Christmas) [5:57]
10. The light fantastic [5:53]
11. Eddie and company [3:03]
12. Glad to be here [2:42]
13. Yuletide cher from Mr. Shirley [1:12]
14. Going downhill [2:52]
15. In the swin (Mele Kalikimaka) [5:59]
16. Santa Griswold? [2:14]
17. A list for Santa [1:58]
18. Aunt Bethany and Uncle Lewis [2:34]
19. Christmas Eve dinner [2:51]
20. Feline mischief [3:13]
21. Up in smoke [1:36]
22. Unspecial delivery [4:29]
23. A replacement [2:09]
24. Critters on the loose [3:53]
25. Hell's threshold [2:39]
26. Scrooge unscrooged [3:26]
27. Fuller house (Here Comes Santa Claus) [2:39]
28. The rocket's red glare [2:32]
29. End Credits (Christmas Vacation reprise) [3:16]