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Adapted by screenwriter Rafael Yglesias from his own novel, Fearless explores the complex struggle back to mental health of post-traumatic stress disorder victim Max Klein (Jeff Bridges). One of few survivors of a fatal plane crash, Klein remains calm and assists other survivors out of the burning debris, earning praise as a hero by the media. After stoically departing the tragedy without a word to emergency officials, Max returns home with detached feelings towards his wife (Isabella Rossellini) and son, along with a bizarre, seemingly authentic belief that he is now impervious to harm. Bill Perlman (John Turturro), a psychiatrist for the airline, fails to reach Max about his newfound fearlessness, but asks for his help in aiding Carla (Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Rosie Perez), a fellow crash survivor filled with grief and guilt over the loss of her baby. In one of his earlier roles, Benicio del Toro plays a small part as Carla's boyfriend. ~ Lisa Kropiewnicki, Rovi

Chapter List

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0. Jump to a Scene
1. Disaster in a cornfield [4:50]
2. "Are you not dead?" [2:03]
3. Forbidden fruit [5:36]
4. Homeward bound first class [4:42]
5. Not himself [1:57]
6. Speaking bluntly; Nan's pain [4:09]
7. Byron feels safe; Max acts unsafe [3:28]
8. "I'm not afraid." [5:40]
9. The Good Samaritan calls [6:05]
10. No reason to love [3:15]
11. A drive with Carla [3:45]
12. A feeling of overwhelming love [1:19]
13. God or matchmaker? [3:45]
14. Loud silence [1:03]
15. The group session [8:04]
16. Suffering into dollars [3:23]
17. "I can let it go." [3:08]
18. "Let me be a part of it." [3:49]
19. Scared of a kiss? [2:11]
20. Headed toward a crash [4:08]
21. Presents for the dead [8:19]
22. Carla's guilt [3:28]
23. A second chance to save Bubble [4:56]
24. Carla's new angel [4:53]
25. Can't save everybody [4:27]
26. Drawing near to the divine [2:04]
27. Needing to be saved [3:08]
28. The moment of my death (Gorecki Symphony #3 begins) [1:49]
29. "Everything's okay." [2:32]
30. Impact [1:54]
31. Toward the light [1:40]
32. End credits (Symphony #3: Upshaw solo) [6:08]