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Lawrence Kasdan originally wrote his script for The Bodyguard in the late 1960s as a vehicle for Steve McQueen; by the time it reached the screen, Kasdan's star was another movie hearthrob, Kevin Costner. When imperious musical superstar Whitney Houston begins receiving death threats, she is compelled to hire a bodyguard. Enter Costner, who immediately incurs the wrath of Houston and her entourage by imposing prison-like security measures. An ex-Secret Service agent, Costner still hasn't purged himself of his guilt feelings over his inability to protect President Reagan from would-be assassin John Hinckley (in the original concept, the agent had been guarding JFK in Dallas, but Costner was too young to make this credible; besides, he and Oliver Stone had been there before). Gradually, and inevitably, Costner and Houston fall in love. Ralph Waite is cast as Costner's father, while Robert Wuhl and Debbie Reynolds please the crowd in their cameo roles. The Bodyguard was a huge box-office success, helped along in no small part by Whitney Houston's bestselling rendition of the old Dolly Parton hit "I Will Always Love You." ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

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0. Jump to a Scene
1. On and off the job (Credits). [3:44]
2. Recruiting the best. [1:33]
3. My disguise; meeting the client. [11:56]
4. Fan letter (I Have Nothing). [:52]
5. The person who always gets hit. [1:22]
6. Precautions; the ego wall. [4:10]
7. Under surveillance. [2:28]
8. Strained relations. [3:57]
9. Run to you. [1:11]
10. A night out. [4:07]
11. Rachel's time (Queen of the Night). [3:08]
12. Pandemonium. [3:28]
13. Playing with knives. [2:01]
14. Getting fixed up. [2:26]
15. A fan's trophies. [1:03]
16. Farmer's kind of date (Yojimbo clip). [4:04]
17. I Will Always Love You (John Doe); "I'll protect you." [2:28]
18. Sword's point; "I can't protect you like this." [7:32]
19. On the job in Miami (I Have Nothing). [2:46]
20. The party; an ex-colleague. [6:29]
21. Insecure. [3:15]
22. "I'm afraid." [3:23]
23. Country retreat; the Reagan thing. [3:13]
24. Dinner; next moves ("You didn't say no to the boss."). [5:24]
25. Jesus Loves Me; a saboteur doesn't. [3:53]
26. Confession in the dark. [3:47]
27. Shots in the dark. [2:17]
28. An arrest is made. [:53]
29. Sorrow; "I'm afraid of not being there." [3:15]
30. "I have you to protect me." [3:12]
31. Arrival at the Oscars. [3:47]
32. Backstage reunion. [1:15]
33. "This is the nght." (I Have Nothing). [4:53]
34. "I know who it is." [2:35]
35. The winner takes the stage. [3:12]
36. Under control. [1:28]
37. I Will Always Love You (Houston). [2:39]
38. Guiding and protecting; End Credits (Queen of the Night). [5:44]