Robocop 2 [Special Edition]

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The serialized story structure and barbed social commentary from comic book creator and co-writer Frank Miller earned critical respect in this satirical science fiction sequel directed by Irvin Kershner. Peter Weller returns as RoboCop, a futuristic cyborg fashioned from cutting-edge technology and the biological remains of slain Detroit police officer, Alex Murphy. Still patrolling the city streets, RoboCop is scheduled by his creator, Omni Consumer Products, to be replaced by a new "superior" model, RoboCop 2, that according to designer Juliette Faxx (Belinda Bauer), will contain the human remains not of a cop but a criminal. In the meantime, an instantly addictive drug called Nuke is sweeping through Detroit thanks to a kingpin named Cain (Tom Noonan). Taking Cain to task, RoboCop is captured and dismantled. When he's put back together, the cyborg is reprogrammed with a series of socially conscious commands (in a sly mocking of the then relatively new concept of "political correctness") that render him impotent as a law enforcer. Taking charge by rewiring himself with an electrical overload, RoboCop arrests Cain, who is injured in the process. Faxx secretly takes Cain's brain and inserts it into RoboCop 2, turning the robot immediately into a law-breaking murder machine and leading to a violent showdown between two generations of robotic crime-fighters. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Chapter List

25. Chapters.
1. Program Start; Media break. [2:58]
2. Nuke. [10:46]
3. "Your husband is dead." [6:14]
4. Omni Consumer Products. [5:44]
5. "You sold us out..." [5:52]
6. "Jesus had days like this." [9:12]
7. "Dosen't he look scared?" [3:47]
8. Time to update the program. [5:55]
9. "Something's wrong." [5:54]
10. A few thousand volts. [2:48]
11. Cain and Robo. [8:31]
12. A chance for immortality. [4:45]
13. Help save the Motor City. [6:50]
14. "What the hell is that?" [11:12]
15. A brand new city. [3:45]
16. Robocop 2. [10:35]
17. "Let's give him what he wants." [3:01]
18. "We're only human." [2:16]
19. End credits. [6:08]