Pelican Brief [Widescreen]

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Embroiled in an affair with Thomas Callahan (Sam Shephard), her alcoholic professor, precocious 24-year-old Tulane University law student Darby Shaw (Julia Roberts) writes up an insightful theory about the recent murder of two Supreme Court justices, one of whom, Abraham Rosenberg (Hume Cronyn), served as Callahan's mentor. When Callahan shares this so-called "Pelican Brief" with buddy Gavin Verheek (John Heard), an FBI lawyer, the document makes its way to White House flack Fletcher Coal (Tony Goldwyn), who believes it could topple the current administration. When Callahan is murdered and the President (Robert Culp) convinces the FBI to hold off on investigating Darby's theory, the resourceful student must go into hiding, stalked by relentless assassin Khamel (Stanley Tucci). Her only hope of escaping Callahan's fate and proving her theory lies in Washington investigative reporter Gray Grantham (Denzel Washington), who's already had one confidential source back out of sharing information about the assassinations. This John Grisham adaptation is generally faithful to the best-selling novel. Fans of @HBO's Sex and the City will notice one of its future stars, Cynthia Nixon, in a small role as one of Darby's New Orleans classmates. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 -- Side A
1. Credits [2:30]
2. Rosenberg's View [1:47]
3. Rendezvous in Shadows [3:27]
4. Rights and Rites of Privacy [2:00]
5. Death Strikes Twice [3:53]
6. Rally 'Round the Leader Time [2:43]
7. What to Look For [3:38]
8. A Girlfriend With A Theory [6:21]
9. Grantham's Confidential Source [3:16]
10. Coal's Confidential Source [3:36]
11. Taking Callahan's Breath Away [3:08]
12. Alone in Crowds [4:54]
13. Discussing Dog Tricks [1:53]
14. On the Run [2:15]
15. "Her Little Brief Is Right on Point." [2:09]
16. "Garcia" and "Alice" Call [3:17]
17. The Saddest Girl in the Quarter [4:28]
18. Khamel's New Assignment; Absent Friend [1:47]
19. Out of the Closet [4:27]
20. Holding Hands With Death [4:03]
21. Grantham Takes His Chances [4:05]
22. Comparing Notes in the Back Seat [1:14]
23. One Piece of Common Ground [6:33]
Side #2 -- Side B
1. Reaching Deep and High [3:31]
2. Suppositions Worth Exploring [2:33]
3. Joint Research [3:10]
4. Briefing the President [2:39]
5. George and Martha's Place [2:03]
6. Burgled and Shadowed [2:26]
7. Detective Work [3:05]
8. Linney Hallucinates [3:32]
9. A Missed Appointment [3:09]
10. "I Want You to Reach 25." [1:47]
11. A Secret Key [4:28]
12. Stalkers at the Bank [4:58]
13. Parking Garage Assassins [5:04]
14. Dead Man's Legacy [2:55]
15. A Breaking Story [2:10]
16. A Deal With the FBI [5:41]
17. Flight by Night [3:45]
18. Who Is Darby Shaw? [2:06]
19. End Credits [4:18]