Tapeheads [Widescreen]

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In this high-energy satire of the music biz, Ivan Alexov (John Cusack) and Josh Tager (Tim Robbins) lose their jobs as security guards, and they decide to start their own video production company. Their first gigs are less than inspiring, including a rappin' commercial for a chicken-and-waffle place, a living will, and a right-wing Presidential-hopeful's (Clu Gulager) gala dinner. Eventually, they get to direct a heavy-metal music video which becomes a huge surprise success. But now the politician needs to get back a private videotape from the boys, and the Secret Service is put on their trail. This chaotic romp has cameos from more music celebs than you can shake a tape reel at, as well as a hopping little soundtrack by Fishbone. This is also the film that introduced a conservative folksinger/politician character who later got his own movie, Bob Roberts. ~ John Voorhees, Rovi

Chapter List

Chapter Selections
0. Chapter Selections
1. Program Start/Main Titles [2:41]
2. Happy Birthday [4:09]
3. Busted! [2:32]
4. Video Aces [4:07]
5. Home, Sweet Home [4:18]
6. New Attitude [2:40]
7. Getting The Gig [4:18]
8. Cube-Squared [3:29]
9. Last Will & Testament [3:08]
10. Fundraiser Fun [4:36]
11. T & A [3:34]
12. Opportunity & Disaster [6:05]
13. Two Ninja Bitches [3:14]
14. Funeral [2:15]
15. Power Is Happiness [3:16]
16. Award-Winning Talent [5:29]
17. Home Invasion [3:20]
18. Limbo Time [1:44]
19. Command Performance [3:51]
20. Under Fire [3:26]
21. Pre-Show [2:04]
22. Gunning For Trouble [3:01]
23. On The Air [3:44]
24. The Swanky Modes [5:25]
25. Doing Time [:50]
26. End Credits [5:02]