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Bring It On [Original Soundtrack]

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Suppose you had the responsibility for assembling music for a motion picture, and you were told that the film was a comedy set among high school students competing in a cheerleading contest, with a largely white squad pitted against a largely black one? Your approach would be obvious, wouldn't it? You would divide the tracks up between contemporary teen pop and contemporary RB, and you would look for songs that borrowed from cheerleading chants, right? If so, you probably would come up with something that sounded a lot like Bring It On's "music from the motion picture" album. (Actually, one track, 3LW's "'Til I Say So," is not from the film.) Among the teen pop entries, the most prominent is Bwitched's cover of the Toni Basil hit "Mickey," which recreates its cheerleader sound, while the obvious emphasis track among the RB songs is Blaque's "As If," presented in two versions, one of them featuring Joey Fatone Jr. ~ William Ruhlmann, Rovi

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