Body Count

Violent Demise: Last Days

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Interview 1:08
  2. My Way 3:11
  3. Strippers Intro :18
  4. Strippers 4:33
  5. Truth or Death 3:14
  6. Violent Demise 3:44
  7. Bring It to Pain 4:27
  8. Music Business :12
  9. I Used to Love Her 3:16
  10. Root of All Evil 4:23
  11. Dead Man Walking 4:50
  12. Interview End :21
  13. You're F**kin' with BC 3:29
  14. Ernie's Intro :15
  15. Dr. K 2:48
  16. Last Days 6:03


A significant improvement over the stilted Born Dead, Violent Demise: Last Days is, in many ways, the best record Body Count has made to date. Where the band's speed-metal has seemed dated in the past, the group sounds fiery throughout Violent Demise, giving the music a visceral punch it had clearly been lacking in the past. Ice-T's lyrics fall halfway between outrage and outrageous, especially on the anti-O.J. Simpson "I Used to Love Her," "Dead Man Walking" and "You're Fkin' with BC," which pushes their self-promoting chants to ludicrous extremes. Even though the music has more punch than before, it doesn't have the ridiculous sense of humor that made Body Count a gonzo classic of sorts, but the sheer force of the record is a welcome change of pace from a band that seemed incapable of true sonic power. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

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