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Sister Mary (Leslie Caron) is a nun who enlists the help of Madron (Richard Boone) after she is the only survivor of an Apache massacre. A trio of lecherous bandits try to force themselves on the nun, and Madron shoots two of them to death. The third is made to swear allegiance to Sister Mary in exchange for his life. The Apaches trap the trio and Madron comforts the crying nun, who emerges the next morning sans her religious habit. This is supposedly the first movie filmed in Israel without an Israeli theme. Smoke signals are obviously added in the post-production process, drawing unintentional laughter for this violent and forgettable film. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

Chapter List

Menu Group #1 with 12 chapter(s) covering 01:36:16
1. Apache! [5:06]
2. Intro. [5:50]
3. Hell's Bells. [20:29]
4. Fasting. [7:05]
5. You're Dead. [16:49]
6. The Bet. [12:35]
7. Arise. [9:40]
8. The Bath. [9:38]
9. I Lied. [2:41]
10. Hurry Back. [1:52]
11. Mercy. [2:08]
12. The End. [2:22]