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Known more for his dark, psychological crime thrillers Primal Fear (1996) and Fallen (1998), director Gregory Hoblit surprisingly created this Frank Capra-meets-Rod Serling-style fantasy that mixes several genres of storytelling into a likable stew. James Caviezel stars as John Sullivan, a New York police detective who has never recovered from the death of his father Frank (Dennis Quaid), a firefighter who died heroically when John was a boy. Experimenting with his dad's beloved ham radio one summer night, extreme sunspot activity allows John to contact Frank 30 years in the past. Since he's able to warn Frank away from danger, his father's death never occurs. Then the unthinkable happens: John's altered future is one in which his mother Julia (Elizabeth Mitchell) has been murdered by a serial killer. Now John in the present and Frank in the past must try to solve the riddle of the killer's identity and change the time line again. Frequency was written by Toby Emmerich, the brother of actor Noah Emmerich, who appears in a supporting role created specifically for him. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Chapter List

Scene Selections
0. Scene Selections
1. Main Titles [7:00]
2. October 10, 1069 [4:06]
3. October 10, 1999 [5:22]
4. On the Air [5:27]
5. The Ball Game [1:35]
6. History Lesson [1:47]
7. 30 Years Ago [7:37]
8. The Buxton Fire [10:49]
9. Catching Up [10:14]
10. Repercussions [6:40]
11. "Something Happened" [3:51]
12. Hunting the Nightingale [6:15]
13. Suspect and Victim [5:45]
14. Evidence [1:45]
15. Skeletons in the Closet [2:10]
16. Under Suspicion [:45]
17. Detained [4:34]
18. Last Flight of the Nightingale [3:07]
19. Safe at Home [10:09]
20. Return of the Nightingales [4:30]
21. The Sullivans/End Titles [2:22]