Law and Disorder

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Fed up with an escalating crime rate and an increasingly ineffective police force, blue-collar New Yorkers Willie and Cy (Carroll O'Connor and Ernest Borgnine) join a citizen's vigilante group. Their efforts to act as an auxiliary police force are comically inept, but director Ivan Passer lulls us into laughter only to catch us unprepared when he wants to play things in dead seriousness. After finally proving their worth as after-hours cops, Willie and Cy are euphoric; this lasts just long enough for Cy to be killed. Constantly changing its tone and point of view, Law and Disorder struck just the right nihilistic note in the 1970s. Modern viewers may not be quite as responsive, though many will cheer Willie's final act of defiance against the Big Apple. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Chapter Selections
1. Program Start/Main Titles [3:31]
2. Home Heist [1:27]
3. Road Service [2:43]
4. Local Heroes [6:55]
5. Lock & Load [8:00]
6. Boys in Blue [3:34]
7. Roll Call [4:11]
8. Walkin' the Beat [5:04]
9. Silent Treatment [3:43]
10. Gloria [3:57]
11. Coffee & Crap [2:48]
12. Crime & How to Prevent It [6:49]
13. Rape! [2:20]
14. Joy Ride [2:12]
15. Officers of the Law [3:41]
16. Surprise [6:56]
17. The Bust [4:35]
18. Come and Get It! [4:21]
19. Best Buddies [4:17]
20. Cops & Robbers [7:41]
21. Looking for Chico [2:17]
22. Trouble [4:02]
23. Officer Down [1:45]
24. Quittin' Time [2:00]
25. End Credits [2:08]