Joseph: King of Dreams [Widescreen]

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The Biblical story of Joseph comes to life in this animated feature from the creators of The Prince of Egypt. Adventure and music set the stage for this tale of a boy named Joseph (voice of Ben Affleck) whose dreams bring him powerful visions of the future. Joseph's abilities to prognosticate win him a favored position with the Pharaoh of Egypt, but only inflames his contentious relationship with his brothers. Featuring the same top-notch artwork and animation that impressed audiences in The Prince of Egypt, Joseph: King of Dreams also features several original songs sung by Maureen McGovern and Jodi Benson. The film was released directly to home video in the United States, but enjoyed a theatrical release in Europe. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Index
1. Main Title/"Miracle Child" [6:38]
2. Joseph's Wolf Dream [3:02]
3. Joseph the Shepherd [3:52]
4. The Wheat Dream [2:50]
5. "Bloom" [2:08]
6. The Pit [4:35]
7. Journey to Egypt [4:25]
8. Joseph the Servant [4:17]
9. Joseph's Ascension [3:34]
10. Joseph Accused [2:00]
11. The Baker and the Butler [4:37]
12. "Better Than I" [3:42]
13. Joseph Meets Pharaoh [6:06]
14. Years of Plenty & Famine [4:24]
15. Brothers Arrive [3:37]
16. Meeting Benjamin [1:53]
17. Joseph's Cup [2:45]
18. End Credits [5:04]