She's Having a Baby [Widescreen]

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An aspiring writer faces up to the responsibilities of marriage and family in this romantic comedy from writer, director, and producer John Hughes. Despite the misgivings he pours out to best friend Davis McDonald (Alec Baldwin), Jake Briggs (Kevin Bacon) marries high-school sweetheart Kristy (Elizabeth McGovern). After an abortive attempt at graduate school in New Mexico, the couple settles in suburban Chicago. Jake fakes his way into a job as an advertising copywriter, while Kristy settles into her own corporate job. The couple faces the typical ups and downs of any new marriage, especially after Davis visits with a bimbo on his arm, regaling his pal Jake with tales of the good life. A few years later, Kristy decides to stop taking her birth-control pills -- and tells Jake about it three months later. Plagued by doubts, unfulfilled ambitions, and images of a fantasy girl (Isabel Lorca) he once spotted in a club, Jake resists the idea of fatherhood. Then he finds out he has low sperm count and, his manhood thus challenged, lines up for fertility clinic-assisted stud duty. The birth doesn't go as smoothly as Jake expected, however, setting the stage for climactic realizations. Edie McClurg, who played the nosy school secretary in Hughes' Ferris Bueller's Day Off, makes a cameo appearance as an officious neighbor. In addition, a who's who of other Hughes alums and Hollywood stars lend their faces and voices to a series of closing-credits shots in which each suggests a name for the titular baby. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1
0. Scene Selection
1. Opening Credits [2:16]
2. Wedding Day [:33]
3. The Groom And The Best Man [1:39]
4. Marriage Vows [2:44]
5. Newlyweds [3:38]
6. Loading Dock [2:50]
7. Advertising Agency [:39]
8. Three Bedroom Mortgage [2:52]
9. Block Party [2:32]
10. Davis' Girlfriend [3:26]
11. The Husband And The Bachelor [2:09]
12. The Girl Across The Dance Floor [2:17]
13. Dreaming Again [4:32]
14. Ad Writers [3:17]
15. Birth Control [:34]
16. Dance Of The Lawn Mowers [3:49]
17. Family Dinner [4:23]
18. "Promise You Won't Get Mad?" [:29]
19. Babies and Models [2:09]
20. Dream Girl [5:27]
21. Fertilization [2:18]
22. Davis And Kristy [:12]
23. Breaking The News [3:03]
24. Pregnancy - Apron Strings [1:46]
25. Labor Pains [4:12]
26. Contractions [2:31]
27. Delivery [:38]
28. Complications [8:05]
29. Marriage Montage -"This Woman's Work." [:54]
30. "And In The End." [4:31]
31. End Credits and Cameos [2:39]