Road to El Dorado [Special Edition] [Widescreen]

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@Dreamworks SKG's second feature-length animated film blends comedy and drama in an unusual historical adventure. Two genial swindlers working as stable hands stow away with Cortez, the legendary Spanish conquistador, as he searches for El Dorado, the lost City of Gold. Luck smiles on the two con men, and they happen to find a settlement in Mexico that they believe is El Dorado; however, while the two exotic strangers are at first embraced by the Mayan people, they've also arrived just in time to be offered up as the next human sacrifice. The Road to El Dorado was directed by Don Paul, who helmed the first @DreamWorks animated feature, The Prince of Egypt; Will Finn, a featured animator on Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin; Bibo Bergeron, who worked on Ferngully: The Last Rainforest; and David Silverman. It features new songs by Elton John and Tim Rice, and the voice cast includes Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh, Rosie Perez, Edward James Olmos, and Armand Assante. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Road to El Dorado
1. El Dorado (Main Titles) [4:03]
2. Loaded Dice [3:19]
3. Stowaways [3:15]
4. Overboard [3:23]
5. Beached [3:17]
6. The Trail We Blaze [3:08]
7. Great Big Rock [3:29]
8. Entering El Dorado [1:07]
9. Stopping the Volcano [5:09]
10. Cheldorado [4:30]
11. It's Tough to Be a God [2:36]
12. A Proper Tribute [5:04]
13. Three Days [4:03]
14. Age of the Jaguar [1:46]
15. Without Question [2:17]
16. Tzekel-Kan's Advice [2:17]
17. Play Ball [4:55]
18. No Sacrifices [1:35]
19. Gods Don't Bleed [3:17]
20. Tulio and Chel - Deal? [2:37]
21. Jaguar Attacks [4:43]
22. Tzekel-Kan Emerges [1:31]
23. Friends Never Say Goodbye [3:09]
24. Cortes Approaches [2:16]
25. Got a Wave to Catch [2:47]
26. There's No El Dorado Here [1:25]
27. Follow That Trail [1:31]
28. Someday Out of the Blue (End Credits) [6:42]