That Touch of Mink

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When people refer to Doris Day as "the world's oldest professional virgin," they generally have the 1962 comedy That Touch of Mink in mind. It isn't that Cathy Timberlake (Day) is above a bit of hanky-panky; it's just that she wants such tangibles as a marriage license and wedding ring first. Thus, when playboy businessman Philip Shayne (Cary Grant) begins actively pursuing Cathy (they "met cute" when Philip's limo splashed mud on the hapless Cathy), she won't say "I will" until he says "I do." She is of the idealistic opinion that she can bring out the best intentions in him, even when he repeatedly tips off his worst intentions by inviting her to accompany him to Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Bermuda. After not a few complications and misunderstands, Cathy finally finagles a proposal out of Philip. The film is essentially much ado about nothing, but it is so well-acted and attractively photographed that the audiences are willing to go along for the ride. The high-powered supporting cast includes Gig Young as Roger, Philip's moralistic financial advisor; Audrey Meadows as Connie, Cathy's wise-cracking roommate; Alan Hewitt as Dr. Gruber, a confused psychiatrist; John Astin as Beasley, Cathy's slimy would-be beau; Dick Sargent as a neurotic honeymooner; and an unbilled Richard Deacon as an all-around letch. Best scene: the baseball-dugout rhubarb involving New York Yankees Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, and Yogi Berra. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. That Touch of Mink [2:38]
2. Unemployment Office [1:50]
3. Financial Advisor [2:53]
4. Free Food [2:39]
5. Compensation for Damages [2:00]
6. Enchanted Moment [3:43]
7. Board Meeting [2:59]
8. His Good Luck Charm [2:16]
9. A Night Out [3:08]
10. A Proposition [3:21]
11. Restless Night [4:23]
12. Waiting for a Call [2:33]
13. Civic Pride [2:11]
14. Personal Fashion Show [4:20]
15. Off to Bermuda [3:37]
16. Hotel Suite [2:02]
17. "Everybody Knows" [1:12]
18. Sleeping Arrangements [3:32]
19. Agitated Nerves [3:40]
20. Man-to-Man Talk [2:22]
21. Symbol of Hope [2:54]
22. Professional Help [3:55]
23. Another Offer [2:22]
24. Preparing for Her Guest [2:04]
25. Intoxicated [3:19]
26. Helpless Kitten Analogy [3:28]
27. Working Girl [3:03]
28. Payment for Expenses [3:40]
29. Cooking Up a Plan [3:11]
30. The Other Man [4:40]
31. Hitching a Ride [2:39]
32. Getting the Girl [3:14]
33. Another Rash [2:28]
34. End Credits [:15]