Banzai Runner

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Starring Dean Stockwell and Charles Dierkop, Banzai Runner concerns a modern-day phenomenon, common among the very rich. Each year, an every-man-for-himself race is staged in the desert, with fat-cat motorists driving the custom cars at supersonic speed up and down the supposedly deserted highway. During one of these contests, a policeman is killed. With no witnesses, it's up to the cop's brother (Stockwell) to see that justice is done. He accomplishes this by assuming a false identity and joining the race. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

0. Chapters
1. Main title; Beer and blood [12:20]
2. Dropping a turbo [4:44]
3. Another day, another ticket [4:42]
4. Family matters [5:38]
5. Right vs. wrong [4:51]
6. Road rash [4:26]
7. A cop with a grudge [6:02]
8. Roadside service [5:50]
9. A new vocation [7:07]
10. The group [12:26]
11. Coke, cars & cops [16:26]
12. End credits [2:03]