Moonlight and Valentino [Widescreen]

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A woman dealing with an unexpected death has to help her friends with their own crises in this comedy-drama. Rebecca Lott (Elizabeth Perkins) gets an unpleasant surprise while waiting for her husband to return from his daily jog -- he was hit by a car and instantly killed. A handful of Rebecca's friends and relatives rally around her, including her close friend and neighbor Sylvie (Whoopi Goldberg), her former stepmother Alberta (Kathleen Turner), and her younger sister Lucy (Gwyneth Paltrow), but she has a hard time accepting the fact that she's now a widow (or, as she prefers to put it, "the 'W' word"). It also seems that the women trying to offer Rebecca emotional support could use some of their own; Sylvie's marriage is hanging by a thread, and Lucy is depressed and cynical owing to her inexperience with men. But romance begins to find its way back into Rebecca's life when a handsome younger man (Jon Bon Jovi) -- hired to paint the house -- takes a shine to her. Moonlight and Valentino was based on a play written by Ellen Simon, daughter of comic playwright Neil Simon. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Scene Selections
0. Scene Selections
1. Credits/Shocking News [4:03]
2. Tea & Sympathy [3:03]
3. Daddy's Here [5:06]
4. Alone with Her Grief [6:35]
5. "Ups & Downs Of Fate" [1:36]
6. "Poem Without Words" [3:24]
7. Male Distraction [4:14]
8. Fantasizing A Life [2:36]
9. Birthday Surprise [4:43]
10. Blind Set-Up [:45]
11. "Widowhood Happens" [2:19]
12. Pizza With A Painter [5:36]
13. Bad Body Image [4:35]
14. "It's Okay To Do This" [3:42]
15. Can't Stop The Pain [4:23]
16. Letting Go/Credits [2:33]