Woman Called Moses

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The made-for-TV A Woman Called Moses stars Cicely Tyson as real-life escaped slave Harriet Tubman. A the risk of recapture, Tubman helped organize the underground railroad, which enabled hundreds of enslaved African Americans to make their way to the freedom of the Northern states. Adding to the tension are Harriet's frequent epileptic fainting spells. Orson Welles narrates this adaptation of Marcy Heidish's novel. Originally telecast in two parts, A Woman Called Moses first aired December 11 and 12, 1978. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. The Journey [2:08]
2. Broken Family [4:11]
3. Beaten Down [5:48]
4. Prayers Are Answered [6:06]
5. A Gal With Incentive [16:55]
6. Saving for Freedom [14:44]
7. Mule Pageant [10:21]
8. Married Life [9:42]
9. Ways to Freedom [8:38]
10. Going Underground [14:25]
11. Liberty City [4:17]
12. The Chosen One [8:08]
13. Moses [:00]
14. Freeing the Family [5:12]
15. Back in Action [17:00]
16. Hot Pursuit [9:39]
17. In the North [24:25]
18. Mutual Respect [12:42]
19. Bridge to Freedom [11:40]
20. Harriet Tubman's Life [3:08]