Dragon Inn [Widescreen]

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Raymond Lee Wai-man remakes King Hu's 1966 masterpiece about revenge and intrigue between imperial eunuchs during the Ming Dynasty. At the film's outset, the villainous Eunuch Tsao (Donnie Yen Chi-tan) has assassinated one of his primary court rivals and is looking to take out his former rival's right-hand man Chow Wai-on (Tony Leung Kar-fai). Tsao orders that his rival's children be exiled, hoping that Chow will try to rescue them. Instead, Chow's lover Yau Mo-yin (Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia), along with her small band of fighters, saves the children and takes to a desolate tavern called the Dragon Inn, run by the sexy, but wily, Jade (Maggie Cheung man-yuk). Chow soon catches up with Yau at the Inn, catching the eye of Jade. Before the two can move the children to a more secure location, Tsao's henchman pay them an unwelcome visit. While the two sides maneuver, Jade plays both sides of the fence. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1
0. Chapters
1. Prologue [7:53]
2. Opening Credits [1:56]
3. Canyon ambush [11:10]
4. Dragon Inn [4:09]
5. The rebels arrive [5:02]
6. Checking out the guests [6:00]
7. Asking about the weather [3:16]
8. The Enemies Arrive [6:54]
9. "May I read your palm?" [1:30]
10. Crossing the line [1:07]
11. A game of Deceit [3:02]
12. A fake wedding [5:07]
13. "None of them will escape!" [9:43]
14. "East chamber troops are here!" [7:44]
15. Dog's blood on dog's head [5:46]
16. Tsao arrives [1:52]
17. Duel to the death [3:57]
18. "Let's leave this cruel place." [3:05]