Gonin [Widescreen]

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Get Carter meets Heidegger in this slick, two-fisted gangster epic brimming with furtive sex and shocking violence. The film centers on five poster-boys of Japan's post-bubble economic malaise: Bandai (Koichi Sato), the owner of a once popular nightclub who's up to his fashionable lapels in debt to the yakuza; the gay extortionist (Masahiro Motoki) who loves him; Ogiwara (Naoto Takenaka of Shall We Dance fame), a downsized salaryman on the brink of mental collapse; an drug addict ex-police detective just out of stir (Jimpachi Nezu); and failed prize-fighter turned spastic pimp (Kippei Shiina). Each has a beef with the yakuza, most particularly Bandai, who is daily taunted and threatened by the unruly thugs. He organizes the motley crew and raids a yakuza office, and not only manages to make off with almost a hundred million yen but humiliates the thugs in front of their syndicate boss. In retaliation, the mob hires a hitman (Takeshi Kitano) who sports an eyepatch and works with ruthless efficiency, killing the five -- and those closest to them -- one by one without pity or remorse. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Index
1. Intro [5:06]
2. Batting Cage [5:32]
3. The Club [5:38]
4. Apology [5:57]
5. Talent Agency [4:12]
6. Bar Pinky [6:46]
7. Jimmy [5:21]
8. The Big Hit [6:05]
9. The Escape [5:12]
10. Lucky [5:43]
11. Disco [5:47]
12. Home [4:42]
13. Bath [5:27]
14. Empty [4:48]
15. News [7:20]
16. Alone [3:56]
17. No Money [5:34]
18. Revenge [6:14]
19. Leaving [5:38]
20. Credits [3:50]