Maximum Overdrive [Widescreen]

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Writer-director Stephen King falls short in his debut at the helm with Maximum Overdrive, an absurd tale about a radiation storm that somehow animates machines across the world, causing them to turn on their makers. The film focuses on a group of survivors held captive at the Dixie Boy Diner by a group of bad-tempered semis. Led by Emilio Estevez, the diner-goers do their impression of -Ten Little Indians, waiting their turn until each gets bumped off one by one. There are holes in the plot big enough for the semis to drive through; for example, why don't the trucks run over the diner at the start of the film rather than wait for 90 minutes? ~ Jeremy Beday, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Program Start/Main Titles [3:56]
2. Mayhem [2:16]
3. Dixie Boy Truck Stop [1:44]
4. Bubba Hendershot [2:56]
5. Knife Attack [1:20]
6. Death in the Game Room [1:18]
7. Vending Machine Massacre [1:26]
8. Squashed by the Steamroller [:34]
9. Brett & the Bible Salesman [3:39]
10. Tow-Truck Terror [4:41]
11. Another Load of Joy [3:18]
12. "No Machines Can Be Trusted" [3:35]
13. Blood & Big Rigs [3:47]
14. Surrounded [3:19]
15. Wheels of Destruction [3:19]
16. Running the Gauntlet [3:58]
17. Billy and Brett [5:42]
18. Lights in the Sky [3:07]
19. "We Made You" [4:01]
20. Into the Sweet [5:12]
21. Back From the Dead [4:48]
22. Heavy Artillery [4:04]
23. Wanda Gets Wasted [4:01]
24. Fill 'Er Up! [4:28]
25. Interstellar Housecleaners [4:25]
26. Machinegun Goes Boom [1:42]
27. Destroying Dixie Boy [3:33]
28. Fiery Retribution [1:50]
29. Wrath of the Goblin [2:52]
30. End Credits [2:32]