Sword and the Sorcerer [Widescreen]

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This is an unusual entry in the knights-in-armor genre. Set in medieval England, the film follows the exploits of a young swordsman, Talon (Lee Horsley). Working as a mercenary knight, Talon possesses a unique three-bladed sword which fires its two extra blades when he touches a button. By chance, Talon learns that he is a prince who has forgotten his royal heritage. Using his sword and his wiles, he attempts to regain control of his kingdom, which has been taken over by a sadistic tyrannical knight and an evil sorcerer. In doing so, he can save a princess who has been taken hostage by the usurpers. Comedy is interspersed with gory and licentious drama throughout the film, which was directed and written by Albert Pyun. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Chapter Selections
1. Program Start/ Main Titles [3:14]
2. Ritual Of Resurrection [5:36]
3. Black Betrayal [2:18]
4. The Fall Of Ehdan [3:39]
5. Sword Of Power [2:28]
6. Lair Of The Necromancer [4:26]
7. Plots Within Plots [3:06]
8. Princess Alana [5:43]
9. Sword For Hire [4:53]
10. Firey Rescue [3:26]
11. Seduction And Defiance [2:59]
12. Chamber Of Torment [3:10]
13. Fangs Of The Sewer Rats [3:56]
14. Escape From The Dungeon [4:28]
15. Harem Scarum [2:45]
16. Duel With Cromwell [4:17]
17. Rogues Alliance [3:39]
18. Blade Of The Torturer [5:02]
19. Crucifixion [4:24]
20. Pirate's Revenge [1:56]
21. A Call To Arms [5:50]
22. Talon Triumphant [1:45]
23. The Demon Revealed [4:04]
24. The Sword And The Sorcerer [1:19]
25. Clash Of Steel [4:02]
26. Long Live The King [2:51]
27. End Credits [3:58]