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Attila the Hun, fabled leader of a band of nomadic warriors who fearlessly took on the might of the Roman Empire, has his life story brought to the screen in this two-part miniseries. Attila (Gerard Butler) raised an army from the people of Caspia, and in time created a fighting force so strong that they received an annual tribute from the leaders of Rome as an inducement not to attack. Not all Romans were happy with this situation, and in time it was decided that General Aetius (Powers Boothe), a brave yet unscrupulous leader who attempted to usurp the rule of Empress Placidia (Alice Krige), was the only man who could confront Attila on his own terms. Aetius recognized Attila's skills as a leader, and decided the best way to prevent him from invading Rome was to lead him into an alliance, as Rome and the Huns joined forces against a third nation. But despite their mutual respect, it soon became apparent that only one man could be the undisputed leader in a meeting between Rome and the Huns. Attila also features Tim Curry as Theodosius, Simmone Jade MacKinnon as N'Kara, and Reg Rogers as Valentinian. Attila was first aired on the @USA Cable Network on January 30 and 31, 2001. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selection
1. Opening Credits [3:24]
2. Birth of A Conqueror [3:24]
3. Escape! [7:19]
4. The Threat to Rome [11:02]
5. The Story of the Sword [9:17]
6. Rome Reacts [10:27]
7. Rome is Coming Here [5:57]
8. Huns and Romans Unite [8:04]
9. Return to Rome [7:15]
10. Assassination! [3:57]
11. Attila's Destiny [8:59]
12. Galen's Secret [:20]
13. Attilla's Legacy [7:54]
14. Finding the Sword [7:13]
15. Rome Fears the Worst [6:43]
16. Kill Attila [5:45]
17. Aetius and Attila Meet Again [9:41]
18. A New Love [5:03]
19. The March to Rome [8:06]
20. Alliance with the Visigoths [8:19]
21. Rome Fights Back [5:38]
22. One Last Order [9:49]
23. The Wedding [7:17]
24. The Dark Ages Begin [7:47]
25. Closing Credits [4:13]

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