Timerider [Widescreen]

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Given the off-the-wall premise in this sci-fi western -- that a motorcyclist rides his bike through a time warp right into the Wild West, into the middle of a gang of outlaws, and cannot figure out what happened -- the glitches and gaps in the plot fit right in with the spirit of the adventure. When the outlaw Reese (Peter Coyote) catches sight of the macho bike, he decides that several hundred horsepower are better than his one and is out to rustle the vehicle any way he can. Unfortunately, the bike does not run on high-octane hay -- an issue that bites the dust when pistol-packing Clair (Belinda Bauer) appears on the scene. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 -- Widescreen Version
0. Chapter Selections
1. Program Start/Main Titles [1:43]
2. Speed Demon [4:01]
3. Scientific Geniuses [4:00]
4. Time Vortex [3:40]
5. "Diablo" [4:46]
6. Bad Hombres [6:26]
7. Skinny-Dipping [2:50]
8. "I want that machine" [3:26]
9. Claire And The Preacher [4:37]
10. Chase Through The Barge [2:08]
11. Panic In San Marcos [2:28]
12. Lyle Swann Unmasked [4:40]
13. Suduction At Gunpoint [3:18]
14. Claire's Story [4:36]
15. Magical Machine [4:37]
16. Marshal Ben Potter [2:14]
17. Motorcycle Mishap [5:05]
18. Bedside Manner [3:57]
19. Miracles Of Modern Technology [3:23]
20. "This is between me and Reese" [4:04]
21. Swann Saves Claire [3:36]
22. Shoot-Out In The Hills [4:17]
23. Last Stand [2:18]
24. Helicopter Rescue [3:25]
25. End Credits [3:16]