Muppets Take Manhattan [Widescreen]

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Jim Henson's Muppets find themselves in Manhattan yearning to get a musical on Broadway in this charming film that also chides show business and its foibles. Kermit the Frog has just put together a successful variety show at Danhurst college (probably somewhere between Amherst and Dartmouth), and although he would like to mount it on Broadway so he would have a hit and be able to marry Miss Piggy, he cannot find backers. The Muppets are then forced to take jobs to support themselves, and it is while working as a waiter that Kermit meets the friendly Jennie (Juliana Donald). Jennie is the daughter of the owner of the restaurant and a source of great jealousy for Miss Piggy, who does not like competition. With stunning musical numbers involving a hundred or so Muppets and on-scene locations in New York City, the film is impressive in its merging of technical achievements and acting. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selections
1. Start [2:01]
2. "Together Again" [3:57]
3. A Place To Stay [:52]
4. Martin Price [5:03]
5. "You Can't Take No For An Answer" [2:52]
6. Pete's Luncheonette [5:36]
7. "Saying Goodbye" [4:41]
8. Part-Time Job [3:00]
9. Winesop Theatrical Agency [1:45]
10. Jealous Piggy [2:04]
11. Complete Make-Over [2:39]
12. Cooking In Rhythm [2:13]
13. Mail Call [3:21]
14. Sardi's [1:13]
15. Messing With A Lady [3:54]
16. Huggies [2:46]
17. "I'm Gonna Always Love You" [2:19]
18. More Mail [5:23]
19. Crawford & Son [5:10]
20. Don't Walk [3:30]
21. "It's Time!" [2:47]
22. Amnesia Patient [:33]
23. Mad Ave. Advertising [3:03]
24. One Week To Go [2:39]
25. Power Lunch [2:31]
26. Piggy's Miracle Cure [3:13]
27. Manhattan Melodies [3:48]
28. Wedding Of The Year [2:38]