Barefoot Contessa

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The Barefoot Contessa begins at the funeral of Ava Gardner, a former Spanish peasant, cabaret dancer and movie star, who at the time of her death was a full-fledged contessa. Her life story unfolds in flashback recollections from her mourners. Film director Humphrey Bogart recalls how his career was saved when he discovered Gardner on behalf of Howard R. Hughes-like mogul Warren Stevens. Press agent Edmond O'Brien remembers how Ava was wooed and then abandoned by mercurial millionaire Marius Goring, and Italian count Rosanno Brazzi reflects on how he was able to wed the tempestuous Gardner, only to watch his world crumble after revealing on their wedding night that he was "only half a man." O'Brien received Best Supporting Actor awards at both the Academy Awards and Golden Globes in 1954. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selection
1. Logos/"Fade In" [3:35]
2. Money Talks [9:39]
3. Friendly Persuasion [9:43]
4. He Gets The Girl [11:56]
5. "Movie Magnates" [6:40]
6. A Star Is Born [10:28]
7. South America Wealth [2:05]
8. Longing For A Prince [2:33]
9. "Goliath vs Goliath" [6:30]
10. "International Set" [9:34]
11. "What Will Be Will Be" [6:10]
12. They Meet Again [5:10]
13. "The Last Contessa" [9:44]
14. A Fairytale Marriage [7:25]
15. A Destroyed Fantasy [9:42]
16. Fade Out/End Credits [:56]