Wedding Planner [Widescreen]

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This lighthearted romantic comedy in the tradition of Runaway Bride (1999) casts Jennifer Lopez in the Julia Roberts mold. Lopez stars as Mary Fiore, an ambitious and successful San Francisco wedding planner who works only for the most wealthy and exclusive clients but who is also a perpetual single. Pressured by her father Sal (Alex Rocco) to settle down, Mary is saved from a collision with an out of control dumpster by Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey), a successful pediatrician. After sharing a romantic evening and a dance together, Mary learns that Eddie is engaged and that she's being hired by his controlling fiancée Fran (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras), an Internet tycoon, to plan their lavish wedding. The directorial debut of former choreographer Adam Shankman, The Wedding Planner costars Kevin Pollak, Judy Greer, and Kathy Najimy. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1
0. Scene Selections
1. Start [6:43]
2. "In Good Time" [1:29]
3. Salvatore the Matchmaker [2:28]
4. "Make Me a Partner" [3:36]
5. The Donolly Family [3:16]
6. Mary Falls for Steve [2:35]
7. The Children's Ward [1:48]
8. Penny the Matchmaker [6:37]
9. "Wanna Dance?" [4:29]
10. Steve's Prior Engagement [1:25]
11. Basil St. Mosely [1:03]
12. Dancing Around the Issue [2:53]
13. The Cardinal Rule [2:29]
14. "I Honestly Love You" [:04]
15. Mary's Somebody Special [2:39]
16. Manly Bonding [1:46]
17. Back in the Saddle [:18]
18. An Arranged Marriage [2:31]
19. Limestone or Granite? [5:55]
20. "Love Is Just Love" [2:48]
21. Keith & Wendy [6:07]
22. Poor Man's Wendy [3:49]
23. Best Time He Ever Had [3:50]
24. Massimo Proposes [3:55]
25. "You're Trying to Dump Me!" [5:26]
26. "Plan on Forever" [5:38]
27. "I Object!" [1:26]
28. "I Want to Dance With You" [2:10]