Barbarians at the Gate

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This TV movie recounts the true-life story of a corporate takeover in the greed-driven 1980s. James Garner is F. Ross Johnson, CEO of RJR-Nabisco. Having just been burned by an expensive failure of a smokeless cigarette product, Johnson doesn't wish to incur the wrath of the stockholders. He begins drawing up plans to buy RJR-Nabisco outright so he'll have no one to answer to but himself. Unfortunately for Johnson, his company is also being coveted by sharkish "buyout king" Henry Kravis (Jonathan Pryce), who turns out to have 25 billion at his beck and call. Barbarians at the Gate was adapted by Larry Gelbart from the book by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar. Advertised as a "docucomedy", the film premiered March 20, 1993, over the @HBO cable service. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Chapters
1. Main Title/Introduction [4:23]
2. "We're All Winners Here" [4:31]
3. Playing The Deal [4:24]
4. Henry Kravis [4:30]
5. The 3 Rules Of Wall Street [2:17]
6. The Hernia Effect [3:14]
7. Something Up Ross' Sleeve [7:06]
8. The Terms [2:09]
9. Nervous Tension [4:37]
10. The Board Meeting [2:15]
11. The Frenzy Begins [8:37]
12. A Tender Offer [11:51]
13. "Push The Barbarians Back!" [8:50]
14. Ready For Bear [2:03]
15. A Deep Throat [7:48]
16. Getting To The Bottom Of It [2:18]
17. Closing Bell [7:31]
18. Skiing And Crunching [2:42]
19. The Long And Final Day Begins [2:04]
20. $45 Million For 1 Hour [4:33]
21. Endgame [3:29]
22. Epilogue [5:17]