DJ Wally

Creepy Crawlies

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With looped flute reminiscent of organic sneer rockers Lake Trout, trip-hop drum beats, spooky samples, and myriad samples drawn from popular culture and music, DJ Wally creates a self-described "soundtrack to a make believe movie." The samples are familiar, though hard to place, such as the famous "one, two, three-o'clock" count-up from Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock," which is looped on "Smoke." The album makes for good headphone listening, with tons of subtly buried manipulations, which make up the bulk of Wally's case for the album being a soundtrack to a movie. These quiet sound tweaks are buried in the back of the mix. Ghostly sighs, haunting breathing, and almost infinitely quiet percussion are just some of the things that reveal themselves upon close listening. Wally's first release for the Quartermass Records label, an imprint of the Belgian Sub Rosa label. Each of the pieces on the disc works like a ghost trickling out of the stereo. ~ Jesse Jarnow, Rovi