Bad Taste [Limited Edition] [2 Discs] [Widescreen]

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Extraterrestrial fast-food franchisers come to earth to pick up food supplies-in this case, human flesh. After wiping out a few small towns, the aliens must contend with a team of government assassins, headed by Pete O'Herne. As the plot rolls on, O'Herne's crew is decimated in as gory a manner as possible, and innocent bystander Craig Smith ends up being marinated (and a darned good job it is). Turns out that the space folks are running on a timetable; they've got to return to their home planet with their human-hash cargo before a rival franchise puts them out of business. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #2 -- Bad Taste
1. Program Start/Brain Blaster (Main Titles) [5:30]
2. Extraterrestrial Psychos [3:00]
3. Ozzy and Frank [3:13]
4. "Time For Talkies" [5:22]
5. Armed and Dangerous [2:48]
6. Sledgehammer Assault [4:33]
7. Bad News [3:00]
8. Blood Feast [4:16]
9. "We've Got Trouble" [2:38]
10. In the Pot [2:45]
11. Brain Dead [3:07]
12. "The Bastards Have Landed" [2:23]
13. Cleaning House [4:06]
14. Bowl of Puke [4:10]
15. Search and Destroy [1:06]
16. Killing Field [4:29]
17. Attack of the Chef [3:11]
18. Squashed! [3:59]
19. Machete Massacre [3:12]
20. Aliens on the Warpath [2:34]
21. Heavy Artillery [3:30]
22. Kill 'Em All! [3:39]
23. Blast-Off [3:33]
24. "I'm Comin' to Get You Bastards" [:11]
25. End Credits [:26]