Eye for an Eye [Full Screen] [Widescreen]

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The frequently used title An Eye for an Eye was applied to a Chuck Norris martial-arts festival in 1981. Norris plays Sean Kane, a San Francisco cop whose partner is murdered by an Oriental drug ring. Told to keep his distance by his superiors, Kane quits the force and sets out to exact vengeance. When he's not suffering from traumatic nightmares, our hero is single-handedly decimating every one of villain Morgan Canfield's (Christopher Lee) henchmen. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selections
1. Main Title/Ambushed [:11]
2. "We Were Set Up" [8:24]
3. Chasing Linda [5:54]
4. Friend of the Family [7:59]
5. Traid Attack [8:22]
6. TV Assistance [10:07]
7. Costly Confidentiality [6:22]
8. Montoya Won't Talk [4:09]
9. Safest Place in Town [5:52]
10. The Sulu Sea [2:08]
11. Freighter Fireworks [4:02]
12. "He Is A Weapon" [4:38]
13. Just For the Money [5:51]
14. War Zone [6:44]
15. One-on-One-on-One [4:46]
16. End Credits [7:54]