Morons from Outer Space [Widescreen]

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In this partially successful Brit sci-fi comedy, four invading aliens cannot really think their way out of a paper bag, much less conquer Earth with their superior knowledge (apparently also non-existent). Of the aliens, Desmond (Jimmy Nail) is particularly thick-headed and leaves Bernard (Mel Smith) dangling out in space, Sandra (Joanne Pearce) attracts the romantic interest of British Commander Matteson (Dinsdale Landen), and Julian (Paul Brown) is along for the ride. After this trio causes a traffic snarl when they land on a British expressway, they are first interrogated and then given jobs in showbiz so they can support themselves. This leads to a great rock singing career, which in turn, leads to a U.S. tour -- though this does not equate rock singers and aliens. Meanwhile, Bernard has been saved from his abandonment in space by an unlikely space-wanderer who drops him off in the U.S., where he is put in an insane asylum. Sure enough, when his three companions start their U.S. tour, Bernard escapes and tries to rejoin them. The saga continues on until some sort of very unlikely rescue seems in store. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selections
1. Main Title/Spaced Out [5:12]
2. Crash Landing [6:47]
3. Pressing News [3:59]
4. "Hell of a Mess!" [5:44]
5. "Are You Male?" [2:13]
6. Suited for the Job [2:13]
7. "Born Free!" [4:51]
8. "Blob? Blob? Blob?" [7:56]
9. Delirious & Mad [6:23]
10. Way Out of Control [5:42]
11. "We're on the News!" [3:16]
12. England or Bust [2:15]
13. The Royal Treatment [3:16]
14. "I'm the 4th Alien!" [4:33]
15. Out of This World Tour [7:20]
16. Farewell Earth/Credits [9:24]