From Here to Eternity

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The scene is Schofield Army Barracks in Honolulu, in the languid days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, where James Jones' acclaimed war novel -From Here to Eternity brought the aspirations and frustrations of several people sharply into focus. Sergeant Milt Warden (Burt Lancaster) enters into an affair with Karen (Deborah Kerr), the wife of his commanding officer. Private Robert E. Lee "Prew" Prewitt (Montgomery Clift) is a loner who lives by his own code of ethics and communicates better with his bugle than he does with words. Prew's best friend is wisecracking Maggio (Frank Sinatra, in an Oscar-winning performance that revived his flagging career), who has been targeted for persecution by sadistic stockade sergeant Fatso Judson (Ernest Borgnine). Rounding out the principals is Alma Lorene (Donna Reed), a "hostess" at the euphemistically named whorehouse The New Congress Club. All these melodramatic joys and sufferings are swept away by the Japanese attack on the morning of December 7. No words could do justice to the film's most famous scene: the nocturnal romantic rendezvous on the beach, with Burt Lancaster's and Deborah Kerr's bodies intertwining as the waves crash over them. If you're able to take your eyes off the principals for a moment or two, keep an eye out for George Reeves; his supporting role was shaved down when, during previews, audiences yelled "There's Superman!" and began to laugh. From Here to Eternity won eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and supporting awards to Sinatra and Reed. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 -- From Here to Eternity
0. Scene Selections
1. Start [2:15]
2. Sgt. Warden [6:56]
3. Mrs. Holmes [1:42]
4. Holmes' sweet home [1:51]
5. The company boxers [3:05]
6. The Treatment [4:08]
7. Rainy day woman [10:41]
8. The Princess Lorene [4:51]
9. On the beach [6:22]
10. Prewitt's story [3:37]
11. "Re-enlistment Blues" [:37]
12. In the gym [3:31]
13. "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" [2:59]
14. Gonna cut his heart out [1:59]
15. The Kalakaua Inn [6:56]
16. Waiting for a movie star [3:20]
17. "Hello, tough monkey." [2:57]
18. Two couples with plans [:29]
19. prewitt vs. Galovitch [:17]
20. Two bumps in the road [9:48]
21. "I escaped." [6:31]
22. "Taps" [4:07]
23. A word with Fatso [1:54]
24. Holmes resigns [2:22]
25. December 7, 1941 [4:18]
26. Warden shoots back [5:41]
27. Prewitt's return [4:03]
28. Returning stateside [4:32]