Britannia Hospital [Widescreen]

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This dark comedy charts the chaos that results when the panicked staff of a major English hospital attempts to prepare for a visit by the Queen Mother, only to face every problem imaginable. Britannia Hospital clearly attempts to recapture the anarchic bite of director Lindsay Anderson's previous satires If... and O Lucky Man, but fails to achieve the same combination of intelligent political critique, comic lunacy, and skillful filmmaking. (Indeed, the three films are often considered a loosely linked trilogy, largely due to the presence in all three of lead Malcolm McDowell). The film does make a valiant effort, but its commentary on the poor, labor disputes, and the inhumanity of bureaucratic institutions mixes uneasily with the film's broader elements, like the experiments of a cartoonish mad scientist. The result is often quite entertaining on a scene-by-scene basis, but the film never reaches the level of delirious, farcical energy or satirical sharpness to which it clearly aspires. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Chapter Selections
1. Program Start/Main Titles [4:10]
2. The Overlord [3:16]
3. Citizen of the World [4:25]
4. "Have Your Ever Wondered How God Felt?" [3:35]
5. Class Conflict [4:57]
6. Matron Duxbury [4:16]
7. Daredevil Camerawork [4:54]
8. Administrative Details [3:53]
9. Royal Treatment [3:35]
10. Brain Puree [4:05]
11. Snooping for a Scoop [5:20]
12. Madness [4:09]
13. Kitchen Uprising [5:09]
14. An Inspirational Speech [1:49]
15. Wrong Place, Right Time [4:44]
16. Wild in the Streets [6:01]
17. A Lesson in Etiquette [2:40]
18. Viva la Relvolution [2:59]
19. Sabotage! [3:44]
20. Finding a New Hotel [2:35]
21. Appeasing the Mob [5:19]
22. Her Royal Highness [1:43]
23. Medical Monstrosity [5:02]
24. An Audience With the Queen [1:53]
25. Full-Scale Riot [4:12]
26. Standing on Ceremony [3:39]
27. The Demonstration [4:44]
28. Face of the Future [6:34]
29. End Credits [2:37]