Dead Pool [Widescreen]

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The Dead Pool is the fifth and (thus far) the last of Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry movies. A sports pool is placing bets on which famous person will die next. Suddenly a serial killer who preys upon celebrities enters the scene, radically (and perhaps deliberately) changing the odds in the pool. As a celebrity of sorts, maverick cop Dirty Harry Callahan becomes a target of the killer, as does high-profile TV journalist Patricia Clarkson. Surprises are at a minimum in The Dead Pool; the film gets down to business quickly, moves logically if violently towards its climax (with a spectacular car-chase sequence thrown in for good measure), and delivers exactly what its fans expect. One major difference between this film and the earlier Dirty Harry epics is that the murders are committed in so outrageous a fashion that the picture seems at times to be a Freddie Krueger vehicle. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selections
1. Night Credits; New Name. [4:45]
2. Ambush. [2:17]
3. Under Fire; New Partner. [2:59]
4. Movie Macabre (Welcome to the Jungle). [3:33]
5. Deathstyles of the Rich and Famous. [2:42]
6. Questioning Swan. [3:33]
7. Fan Letters. [1:50]
8. Chinatown Explodes. [3:22]
9. Sam Proposes. [1:51]
10. Harry Refuses. [2:23]
11. Working Out; The Dead Pool. [2:20]
12. "Better Know the Rules, Love." [2:29]
13. Dinner With Sam. [4:43]
14. Elevator Encounter. [1:54]
15. "I Don't Want to Be the News." [1:11]
16. Chat With the Mailman. [3:39]
17. Accursed? [1:45]
18. Murderous Criticism. [1:56]
19. Quan's Review. [2:32]
20. Blazing Moment of Fame. [5:54]
21. Death on Tiny Wheels. [2:51]
22. In a Bad Mood. [1:33]
23. His Bodyguards. [4:42]
24. The Chase. [6:36]
25. Killer Identified. [1:30]
26. Sam Takes the Bait. [2:48]
27. Playing the Game (Welcome to the Jungle). [1:52]
28. Harry on the Scene. [1:31]
29. Magnum Menace. [3:45]
30. Rook Gets the Hook. [2:29]
31. End Credits. [3:36]