Luigi's Mansion

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The revered creator of such Nintendo classics as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, designer Shigeru Miyamoto indoctrinates yet another gaming platform with his distinctive style in Luigi's Mansion, a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube. Players guide Mario's green-clad younger brother through the eerie, dynamically shadowed halls of a fully three-dimensional haunted house in this adventure. Luigi is happily surprised when he learns that he's inherited a large mansion, but trouble begins when Mario mysteriously disappears in the big old house. When Luigi sets out to look for his missing brother, he finds that the dark mansion is full of creepy ghosts. The ghosts seem to like to sneak up on Luigi and scare him, preventing him from making progress in his search for Mario. Luckily, the ghosts are afraid of Luigi as well, or at least of his flashlight. When Luigi manages to shine his light on one of the ghosts it freezes for a moment, giving him a chance to suck it up and out of the way with his handy vacuum cleaner. Since he can only shine his light in one place at a time though, Luigi can never know just what might be sneaking through the darkness around him, creating aspects of action and strategy designed to be both spooky and fun.

Game Controls

Control Stick = move character
C Stick = aim vacuum, aim flashlight
A Button = examine, open, next message, choose an option
B Button = keep flashlight off
X Button = game boy horror search mode
Y Button = game boy horror floor map
Z Button = game boy horror item list
L Button = expel an element
R Button = use vacuum cleaner
Start/Pause Button = pause ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide