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From Hell [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

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The Hughes Brothers' film adaptation of the Jack the Ripper graphic novel From Hell features an appropriately tense, moody score by Trevor Jones. Jones uses simmering strings in many of the pieces, such as "Chasing the Dragon," "Death Coach," and "A Sprig of Red Grapes," to convey the growing fear in the Whitechapel district as the serial killer remains unapprehended, as well as the investigator's growing obsession with the crimes and their victims. Pieces like "Marleybone Workhouse," "Pennies for the Ferryman," and "In Memoriam" also capture the film's grim atmosphere in a rich, dramatic style that also works well outside of its context. The score's most intriguing piece is "Bow Belle (Absinthium)," which sounds like a wax cylinder recording of a waltz played underwater, conveying the hallucinatory effects of absinthe perfectly. The inclusion of Marilyn Manson's "The Nobodies (The Wormwood Mix)" is somewhat distracting from the rest of the album's feel, but otherwise From Hell is an effective and entertaining score. ~ Heather Phares, Rovi