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Adrienne Barbeau stars in this campy horror flick about dead nuns and the undead. The film opens with the legendary massacre at the St. Francis Boarding School for Girls. One night in 1960, a disgruntled former student saunters into the school chapel and kills a bunch of nuns and a priest with a shotgun. The deranged student, young Christine (Oakley Stevenson), then douses the mother superior with gasoline and sets her on fire with the flick of a lit cigarette. Forty years later, the shuttered school is a popular haunt for drunken frat boys and pasty-faced goths. When the cops make their usual bust of trespassing revelers, black-bedecked Mo (Megahn Perry) sticks around, only to be kidnapped for a Satanic human sacrifice. The inept devil worshippers inadvertently call up a real live demon when they stab Mo. Most of the ersatz Satanists are either butchered or rendered evil ghouls. Fortunately, Clarissa (Joanna Canton), the obligatory "nice-girl" in the band, manages to flee the school and find refuge with Christine (Barbeau), who was recently released from a mental asylum. With some coaxing, Christine agrees to break out the armaments and fight against the demons. Rap star Coolio appears as a freaked-out cop in the film. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Access
1. You Don't Own Me [2:35]
2. 40 Years Later [3:46]
3. The Town Legend [3:32]
4. Getting Inside [2:17]
5. Christine [3:44]
6. Gross and Fucked Up [4:08]
7. Marijuana Substance [3:08]
8. Nation Sanitation [2:59]
9. Shrooms [1:40]
10. Your Virgin [3:14]
11. Rise Bitch [2:37]
12. Love Bite [2:23]
13. Dream Weaver [2:15]
14. Brantster [3:37]
15. Attacking [2:53]
16. What's Going On? [2:41]
17. Help Us [3:00]
18. He's a Virgin [2:18]
19. Hail Satan [3:52]
20. Now Is the Time [2:00]
21. Demons to Kill [3:52]
22. Shut Up and Shoot [3:15]
23. Going to Hell [5:34]
24. End Credits [7:46]