The Corrs

Best of the Corrs [Germany Bonus Track]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Would You Be Happier? 3:27
  2. So Young [K-Klass Remix] 4:14
  3. Runaway 3:47
  4. Breathless 3:26
  5. Radio [Unplugged Version] 4:14
  6. What Can I Domix]mix] 4:15
  7. The Right Time 4:07
  8. I Never Loved You Anyway 3:54
  9. Irresistible 3:40
  10. Forgiven, Not Forgotten 4:17
  11. Lough Erin Shore [Unplugged Version] 4:28
  12. Only When I Sleep 3:51
  13. Love to Love You 3:23
  14. All the Love in the Worldmix]mix] 3:56
  15. Everybody Hurts [Unplugged Version] 5:49
  16. Give Me a Reason 3:29
  17. Dreams 4:01
  18. Make You Mine [#] 3:14
  19. Una Noche [*] 5:16


The Best of the Corrs features many of the Irish band's best-known songs from the mid- to late '90s, conveniently compiled onto one disc. Featured songs include "Right Time," "Dreams," "What Can I Do," and "Runaway," in addition to 15 others. Since the Corrs only released a handful of albums during the era captured on this disc, The Best of the Corrs isn't quite a vast as you'd expect a best-of collection to be. However, it's still a nice one-stop album for casual fans as well as those curious about the Corrs and not yet ready to begin exploring the group's LPs. [The 2001 German edition included one bonus track.] ~ Jason Birchmeier, Rovi