Guns [Director's Cut Special Edition]

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Erik Estrada stars as an arms dealer, smuggling weapons from China to South America, who's being pursued by a pair of sexy female secret agents. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Introduction by Andy and Julie (Babes) [1:29]
2. Main Titles (Bullets Babes) [12:33]
3. Babes Are Not Us! (Bullets Bombs Babes) [10:31]
4. Into the Plane, Out of the Clothes (Babes) [8:17]
5. Degas Loves Cash (Bullets Bombs Babes) [5:47]
6. Assemble the Squad (Babes) [7:21]
7. Learn to Neggoiate Bullets Bombs Babes) [9:07]
8. Music and Mayhem (Bullets Babes) [9:13]
9. Kidnap Mama (Bullets Bombs Babes) [9:42]
10. Jack Can Whack (Bullets Babes) [6:42]
11. Is This the Ladies Room? (Bullets) [2:42]
12. A Blast of a Reunion (Bullets Bombs Babes) [7:24]