Temp [Widescreen]

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The Temp is yet another installment in the 1990s thriller genre of "the conniving woman who gets back at all who stand in her way to success," as seen in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Single White Female, Basic Instinct, The Crush, The Babysitter, et al. In this rehash of the perennial formula, Peter Derns (Timothy Hutton), a marketing executive for a cookie company that has recently been bought out by another firm, is forced to hire temporary help when his regular office assistant, Lance (Scott Coffey) takes paternity leave. Into the breach comes Kris Bolen (Lara Flynn Boyle), whose efficiency saves the day for the clueless Peter. Unfortunately for Peter's associates, her efficiency extends to killing off Peter's regular assistant upon her return to work by arranging an accident with a paper shredder. But Kris doesn't stop there, and Peter begins to notice a high body count of dead employees falling around him. Peter suspects Kris may be the culprit, but since he has just emerged from treatment for acute paranoia, he can't decide if he is imaging things or not. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. No More "Mr. Hyde" [5:29]
2. Peter's New Assistant [9:09]
3. Competitors [9:09]
4. Corporate Battlefield [6:57]
5. The Estranged Wife [12:10]
6. Parting Ways [4:43]
7. Bloody Taste Test [6:47]
8. Running Out of Executives [5:50]
9. Checking References [7:41]
10. Resurfacing Paranoia [10:38]
11. "It's Clearing" [4:59]
12. Sudden Emergency [6:22]
13. An Answer for Everything [6:49]