Hearse [Widescreen]

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The Hearse, directed by George Bowers is a clichéd, predictable horror film which, despite its interesting cast, is derivative and uninspired. Jane (Trish Van Devere) inherits a mansion from an aunt, whom she closely resembles. The townspeople believe that her aunt was possessed by Satan, and Jane becomes increasingly frightened when she is haunted by visions of a hearse that keeps showing up in front of her door. Walter Prichard (Joseph Cotton) is a argumentative attorney who does nothing to help Jane, who begins to think she is having a nervous breakdown. All of this is familiar and has been done far better elsewhere. Director Bowers paces the film far too leisurely to create much suspense, and the "surprise" ending is evident to all but the most unsophisticated viewer. The Hearse, routine and slow, will lull most horror fans to sleep. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits [7:43]
2. House Keys [9:08]
3. Friendly Blackford [8:17]
4. Noisy Pipes [7:03]
5. Mysterious Driver [10:50]
6. Rowing by Moonlight [9:38]
7. Definitely a Dream [5:04]
8. Talking About the Hearse [10:39]
9. Loverboy's Back [8:11]
10. Paul's Crush [8:58]
11. Tom's Identity [12:11]
12. End Credits [1:25]