Let's Make Love [Diamond Collection]

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Let's Make Love is a breezy comedy about an off Broadway musical production. Jean-Marc Clement (Yves Montand) is the richest man in the world and looking for someone who loves him instead of his money. He reads in ~Variety he is to be satirized in the new production and tries out for the part. The producers hire him, unaware of his real identity. He hires Bing Crosby, Milton Berle and Gene Kelly to coach him for the role. Amanda (Marilyn Monroe) is the poor aspiring actress who lands a part in the play. Her opening number is the classic &"My Heart Belongs To Daddy". Unaware of his fabulous wealth, she falls for the playboy billionaire during the rehearsals for the show. Tony Randall plays Montand's fussy public relations agent and tries to keep his boss from embarassment. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles
2. The Clement Dynasty
3. The Current Clement
4. Thin-Skinned
5. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
6. A Perfect Resemblance
7. Tony Danton
8. A New Joke
9. Hey You With the Crazy Eyes
10. No Laughing Matter
11. A Special Offer
12. Going Uptown
13. Rich People Aren't People
14. The New Investor
15. Specialization
16. Professional Help
17. A Fresh New Comedian
18. Money Matters
19. Let's Make Love
20. The Singing Coach
21. Dancing Lessons
22. A Song for Dumas
23. Tony's Chance
24. Matters of Trust
25. Out of Character
26. Incurably Romantic
27. Meet Mr. Clement
28. Let's Make Love (Reprise)