Protector [Widescreen]

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Although this American action film, which has little of Jackie Chan's comedic martial arts, was less successful in the U.S. than hoped, it is still a worthy effort. Chan plays Billy Wong, a New York cop whose partner is murdered by Hong Kong gangsters. His new partner is Danny Gorani (Danny Aiello). They are sent to rescue an American woman who was kidnapped and taken to Hong Kong. There, they must also stop a shipment of narcotics before it reaches the U.S. The mismatching of Chan and Aiello is reminiscent of the chemistry between Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy in the original buddy-cop film, 48 HRS. The lack of success of this enjoyable thriller was unfortunate; Chan would not make another attempt to break into the American market until 1996 with the hit Rumble in the Bronx. ~ Jonathan E. Laxamana, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Truck Stop Credits [2:56]
2. Welcome to New York [2:53]
3. Bar Blowout [3:54]
4. Harbor Havoc [4:12]
5. Collision Course [3:07]
6. Demoted and Applauded [2:16]
7. The Shapiro Party [3:34]
8. New Assignment [3:22]
9. Hong Kong Arrival [2:43]
10. Shanghai Massage Parlor [3:09]
11. Busting Up the Joint [5:42]
12. Tell Him We're Here [1:39]
13. No Secrets [4:23]
14. Any Which Way He Can [5:38]
15. Hotel Ambush [4:22]
16. Horseplay for Dollars [2:45]
17. Lee Hing's Fate [1:25]
18. Pact in the Works [2:09]
19. Strategy and Firepower [4:14]
20. Ko's Stronghold [4:41]
21. Japanese Issue [2:14]
22. Out of Business [1:21]
23. Me, Garucci and Ko [2:17]
24. Very Influential [2:20]
25. Entertainment [3:19]
26. Second Wind [2:06]
27. Sky High [3:14]
28. The Drop on Ko [2:14]
29. Medals of Honor [1:17]
30. End Credits (One Up for the Good Guys) [4:48]

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