L.A. Street Fighters

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In this martial arts flick, Los Angeles is once again torn by street gangs, who are still killing each other over the same things, year after year -- drugs, money, power and glory. Young (Jun Chong) is the leader of a gang, but his goal is to return to his homeland where he belongs and leave this the insanity of L. A. behind. Standing in his way is a turf war, a family falling apart at the seams, and a bang-up, knock 'em dead showdown with a powerful drug cartel and its chief hitman, Kruger (Bill Wallace). ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
3. Midnight Brawl [8:35]
4. Ambush [6:18]
5. Young Romance [6:09]
6. Sampling Night [7:59]
7. Confrontation [9:06]
8. Spiffing Up [10:18]
9. In Pursuit [11:47]
10. Young Rescues [8:04]
11. Young Falls [3:47]
12. Too Late [6:08]