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This action film centers around the theft of a nuclear warhead from the U.S. Navy. Lt. Matt Ryder (Gregg Henry) is called out of his dishonorably discharged status and is requested to go find the missing nuke. It appears that the warhead has been stashed somewhere offshore, but it is never clear who has engineered the dastardly deed. When Ryder takes a time-out to get together with his old girlfriend Sean (Simone Griffeth), Sean's spurned and ego-maniacal boyfriend Mitchell (Jeff Conaway) comes forcefully into the picture. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening [5:46]
2. Unloading the Goods [9:09]
3. Underwater Discovery [7:04]
4. Meeting Maggie [12:54]
5. Playing by the Navy's Rules [5:11]
6. All Cleaned Up [5:47]
7. Goodnight Kiss [8:06]
8. Three's a Crowd [6:49]
9. Going to Heaven [6:29]
10. "I've Been Expecting You" [8:19]
11. Disarming the Warhead [5:38]
12. End Credits [3:37]