Snow Dogs

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Two Oscar-winning actors add a family-oriented comedy to their resumes with this @Disney-produced arctic adventure. Snow Dogs stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as Ted Brooks, a Florida-dwelling dentist with a successful chain of offices and a comfy, poolside lifestyle. All this changes, however, when he finds out that he was actually adopted as a child, and that his birth mother has died and left him an inheritance in her home state of Alaska, of all places. After arriving in the snow-bound clime, Ted learns that he has been willed a pack of cutely named sled dogs: Demon, Diesel, Dutchess, Nana, Mack, Scooper, Sniff, and Yodel. Problem is, the town's premiere sled-dogger, Thunder Jack (James Coburn), wants the pack for himself, and encourages Ted to go back to his tropical environs. But with a major sled-dog race looming, Ted's inspired to learn the ropes, as it were, and prove himself worthy of his birth mother's inheritance -- any way he can. Snow Dogs was directed by Jingle All the Way's Brian Levant and features some animatronic dog effects by @Jim Henson's Creature Shop; the script was very loosely adapted from popular author Gary Paulsen's nonfiction book -Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod. ~ Michael Hastings, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Titles/Dr. Brooks [4:07]
2. "You're Adopted" [3:35]
3. Trip to Alaska [4:27]
4. Lucy's Will [5:46]
5. Inventory [5:22]
6. Dogs [3:18]
7. Looking for Answers [9:07]
8. Mush Master [1:43]
9. Father and Son [2:53]
10. Alpha Male [1:12]
11. Mushing Lessons [3:42]
12. Nice Day for a Drive [3:19]
13. A Place to Think [3:22]
14. Bear Fan [4:27]
15. On Ice [2:52]
16. A Crazy Dream [1:36]
17. Thunder Jack's Story [3:16]
18. The Hidden Truth [5:14]
19. Arctic Storm [:52]
20. Race for Survival [1:33]
21. Jack's Confession [5:40]
22. Finishing the Race [1:04]
23. The Last Man In [3:59]
24. A Dentist in Tolketna/End Credits [4:40]